Blogger/Blogspot Domain changed from .com to .in and ccTLD

Blogspot domain changed from .com to .in or Blogspot domain changed from .com to your countries TLD is the question  you might be getting now.

Blogger/Blogspot hosted blog will now be redirects to your country-code top level domain. Blogs from India and all other countries hosted on blogger/blogspot platform with domain will now to redirected to your ccTLD( country-code top level domain ). In case of blogs from India, will now be redirected from .com to .in TLD. And same is the case with all other countries  Blogspot/Blogger Domain changed from .com to .in . This change does not applies on custom domain blogs, blogger/blogspot blogs with their custom domain will not be affected in any way.

Why is Blogspot/Blogger changing domain to countries specific TLD?

Migrating to localized domains will allow us to continue promoting free expression and responsible publishing while providing greater flexibility in complying with valid removal requests pursuant to local law. By utilizing ccTLDs, content removals can be managed on a per country basis, which will limit their impact to the smallest number of readers. Content removed due to a specific country’s law will only be removed from the relevant ccTLD.

Will Blogspot/Blogger domain redirection affect my blog?

Blog owners should not see any visible differences to their blog other than the URL redirecting to a ccTLD. URLs of custom domains will be unaffected.

Will this affect SEO of my blog?

After this change, crawlers will find Blogspot content on many different domains. Hosting duplicate content on different domains can affect search results, but Google is making every effort to minimize any negative consequences of hosting Blogspot content on multiple domains.

The majority of content hosted on different domains will be unaffected by content removals, and therefore identical. For all such content, Google will specify the version as the canonical version using rel=canonical. This will let crawlers know that although the URLs are different, the content is the same. When a post or blog in a country is affected by a content removal, the canonical URL will be set to that country’s ccTLD instead of the .com version. This will ensure that we aren’t marking different content with the same canonical tag.

India's $45 tablet - Aakash - still selling like crazy

The University of Mumbai has received 25,000 requests for India's first low-cost Android tablet, dubbed Aakash, with more requests expected for the device which has already seen over 1 million orders from commercial buyers since its debut. The tablet reportedly will cost students a subsidized rate priced at 1,138 rupees (US$23).

An official from the university added that modifications would be made to the device to incorporate the needs of the universities and central government. "The initial product had a lot of complaints from users. They are being modified now to suit everybody's requirements," he said.

Aakash tablets for Andhra students at Rs 1,500

Akash tablet that is originally priced at Rs 2,500 will now be available in Andhra Pradesh for just Rs 1,500. The state government is offering a subsidy of Rs 1,000 for students to facilitate e-learning.

A proposal has already been sent to the Human Resources Development (HRD) Ministry, the State Commissioner of Technical Education, S Balasubramanyam said.

S Balasubramanyam said, “The UMHRD has asked the state to submit details about the number of Aakash tablets initially required. We have proposed to provide the tablets to students in state universities, engineering and polytechnic colleges initially at a subsidised price of Rs 1,500. We plan to procure 10,000 tablets in the beginning.”

The second phase of the scheme will see students of private colleges.

The government has also plans of providing the tablets in college and university libraries, which will be available for rent for students who cannot afford them.

S. Balasubramanyam said it would take at least another 3-4 months to procure the 10,000 Aakash tablets from the Union HRD ministry as the state government was waiting for the next generation of Aakash, which is expected to be released in April.

The tablet has been designed especially for students with an aim to bridge the digital divide between the rich and the poor. Over the next five years, the Centre plans to provide the tablets to 20 crore students.

The Union HRD Ministry is monitoring implementation of the Aakash project.

Reports have been doing rounds that the existing Android 2.2 version operating system that runs on Aakash has a series of faults. Also, there is a problem with the battery back-up of the tablet. Owing to the complaints and the faults in the devices, the manufacturers of the tablet — DataWind — decided to launch an improved version of Aakash with a 766 MHz processor and a longer battery life.

4 naval officers leak confidential info on social media, face action

Four naval officers are in the dock after they were reportedly found divulging information about the location of warships and other confidential data on social networking websites, which was even being accessed by foreign nationals.

Stringent action, including dismissal from service, has been apparently recommended against the four commander-rank officers (equivalent to Lt-Colonels in Army) by a Board of Inquiry (BoI) at the Mumbai-based Western Naval Command (WNC), the Indian Navy's premier command that controls most of the country's frontline warships, including aircraft carrier INS Viraat, say sources.

Twitter will Censor tweets by country

Twitter has now announced it will censor certain tweets depending on the rules of each country.

Prior to this technology being activated, if Twitter blocked a tweet, it was deleted across the service globally. The new system allows it to block tweets which may not comply with a certain country’s laws just in that location, but the messages will be still be live across Twitter around the world.

Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, penned the original post, which said: “Our goal is to instantly connect people everywhere to what is most meaningful to them. For this to happen, freedom of expression is essential.

“Some tweets may facilitate positive change in a repressed country, some make us laugh, some make us think, some downright anger a vast majority of users. We don't always agree with the things people choose to tweet, but we keep the information flowing irrespective of any view we may have about the content.”

Three Deals One Price – The Xfinity Cable Internet, TV and Voice Plan

While others think, it is the trait of the leaders to get it done and that is what Comcast has done for their customers. There is a slight difference though. They have rebranded their triple play services under the name of Xfinity and have presented it to their clients. Customers however do not have a reason to think that they are getting the old just in a new packet. It is something more. The triple play services include the company’s cable internet access now known as Xfinity cable Internet, digital cable and cable telephone services. Consumers opting for the Triple Play Bundle will get to enjoy the benefits of all the three services but at a cost that they cannot even imagine in their dream!

Xfinity is a money saving offer for consumers. It is like getting a three in one value saving pack that many shopping malls put up for their customers. Launched way back in February 2010, Xfinity has climbed the popularity charts steadily and why not? After all, how many companies can afford to provide improved services that too at just takeaway prices? Not many for sure. So with the rebranding implementation there was a certain change in the names according to which Comcast Internet was renamed to Xfinity cable internet, Comcast Digital Cable was renamed as Xfinity TV and Comcast Telephone services to Xfinity Voice.

The best part of this entire rebranding is that consumers are promised better and faster services. Take for example Xfinity cable internet. It promises high speed internet access to users as compared to any DSL broadband. Things like streaming content, downloading software and online games have become easier now. Consumers are promised benefits according to two plans- the Performance Plan and the Blast Plan. Consumers opting for the Performance Plan will be able to use speed up to 15 megabytes per second. In comparison, the Blast plan ensures a good download speed of something around say 20 megabytes per second. The plans include some more added features like a security suite, online data storage and free email.

There is something more too. The Xfinity Internet2go plan. A unique mobile service offering high speed internet access through a wireless network. This plan has a nationwide 3G and 4G coverage and works in all those regions where Comcast has their mobile network coverage. The plan is particularly a favorite among business people who always have the urgency to have an access to high seed internet while traveling.

Among the various Xfinity cable internet plans, consumers can also opt for Xfinity Wi-Fi. According to this, consumers can easily connect up to three Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet at public places which enables Wi-Fi connection.

Comcast values its customers and hence has put up various plans on offer from which consumers are free to make their choices according to their needs and requirements. The plans gives the users the liberty to bundle up two or more services together available at a certain price. This means that Xfinity cable internet can be teamed up with Xfinity TV and Xfinity Voice or either any of the two as per your wish.

Xfinity TV plans offer digital video recorder service, on demand programming and digital cable channels. The plan also entitles the users to view programs online. Xfinity TV plans are also accessible to non- Comcast customers who simply need to register with the Xfinity TV website to make the best of the services.

The Xfinity voice plans makes long distance calls cheaper and also gives option for unlimited calls. The basic features include a caller ID, three way calling option and call waiting. With the Xfinity brand, things are taken a step further. Users can make the best of advanced online features which offers the option to view voice mail online. If any of the users are subscribed to Xfinity cable internet then they have the option to view caller ID on the computer.

Xfinity is thus a magic box which brings forth one surprise after another. According to Comcast, Xfinity offers users multiple content choices and they are proving their words true with their actions.

About the Author:

This guest article is written by Shirley Jones. She is a freelance content writer and she writes articles and blogs on Xfinity cable and other internet service related technologies.

Google, Facebook petition hearing today, at Delhi HC

Today, even as scores of users across the country continue to browse, make social connections and interact through Facebook and Google's services, the companies brace themselves to present a convincing stand in their petition hearing at the Delhi HC, reports Zee News. Facebook and Google had challenged the summons issued by a trial court to prosecute them, pertaining to the alleged 'objectionable' nature of the content posted on their sites by stating that it was nearly impossible to 'pre-screen content' before it went up on their website. The websites maintained that prescreening content before it went up on the website would eat into the user's freedom of speech and expression. In one such court hearing, Google's counsel, Neeraj Kishan Kaul was quoted by this report as saying, "The issue relates to a constitutional issue of freedom of speech and expression and suppressing it was not possible as the right to freedom of speech in democratic India separates us from a totalitarian regime like China."
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How to make money from your blog 5 tips

Sometime ago, when it started, blogging was just considered a pastime activity. People used to write blogs just for the sake of fun. However, as the time has changed, there has been a considerable development in this field. In the contemporary world, blogging isn’t considered only a pastime activity. People with skills can earn a significant income by writing blogs. But it isn’t so easy. As a blogger, to make money you have to work hard and must have good writing skills. Listed below are few tips that can help you to make your blog a good source of income:

1. Advertisement

Online Ads are the most popular and ideal way of earning money with your blogs. If your blog site is eminent, your blog can turn into a money-maker in no time. The best way to do it is by signing for Google AdSense. After that all you have to do is write good quality blogs in order to increase the traffic of readers on your site. More better the content more will be the number of visitors. You will be paid as per the number of clicks on ads.

2. Sell services or product on your blog

If you have a service to offer or a product to sell, you can use your blog site for promotion. You can first write about the service/product in your blog, and then offer it there. This way you will give yourself a better chance of finding a client/buyer.

3. Ask for contribution or donation

This scheme relies on the nature of the visitors, who read your blog. For this tactic to work, it is very important that you write high quality blog, which is interesting enough to make reader addictive to it. If so, you can always request for donation or contribution from readers, in order to keep the blog running. Using PayPal makes it easy for your readers to shell out some cash.

4. PPP or pay per post blogging

Pay per post is an unusual but simple way of earning money with your blogs. In this you get paid by a company to post or write a blog about their service, product or whatever they wish for. There are few very good sites, which are dedicated to PPP blogging. Sites like these match advertisers with bloggers. All you have to do is register for a PPP site and they will help out in getting a project to write about. It is a much easier way of making money with blogging. But you have to make sure that your blog meets their writing standards. Of course the better you’re writing skills are, the more you can charge your clients. Once you blog gets hit, there will be no need to look for clients, they will find you themselves.

5. Affiliate marketing

It is very similar to advertising. In order to earn money this way all you have to do is find some useful products from other websites. Then write reviews about these products and promote them on your blog. The program works on the principal of using your blog as a channel between readers and the product offering sites. Every time a visitor click the affiliate link and buys any product, you will be eligible for some commission.

This guest article is written by Alia Haley. She is a blogger who is a fashion and tech freak.  She has a weak side for gadgets and guitar. Recently she bought a brand new fender guitar for herself. Beside this she is busy in writing an article on Mac Eyeliner.

Wikipedia to Go Dark in SOPA Protest

Wikipedia has decided to black out the English version of the online encyclopedia for 24 hours on Wednesday to protest against controversial legislation in the U.S., following a cue given by some other Internet sites including social news site Reddit which will black out its site for 12 hours on the same day.
Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo however said in a message on Twitter that "Closing a global business in reaction to single-issue national politics is foolish". He later clarified that he was talking about Twitter and not about Wikipedia's decision.

Wikimedia Foundation said on Monday that the Wikipedia community had chosen to black out its English version to protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate.

"If passed, this legislation will harm the free and open Internet and bring about new tools for censorship of international websites inside the United States," Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia, said in a statement on its website.

Open Invitation For Guest Posts

Hi friends do you think you can contribute something to, would you like to write a guest post for it? If you can then you are very welcome!! Consider this an open invitation.

Guest posting on HariGeek is subject to the following guidelines:

1. The submission must be relevant to the subject matter that’s already found on HariGeek i.e. providing tips on Blogging, SEO, Windows Tips and Tricks, Hacks, Making money Online, Adsense, Social Media and Reviews.

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You will not get paid for writing a guest post, but you can include a link to your own blog in your bio.

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Amateur Blogs and Blogging for profit

Starting a blog has never been this easy with numerous blogging platforms available online such as WordPress and Blogger. You can use these blogging platforms to create one such blog and the services are free, though WordPress might charge you some extra bucks if you want to customize your blog beyond. But Google’s blogger is free and you can customize everything right from adding gadgets (also called plug-ins) to editing codes of the theme.

If you have already created a blog and have begun writing the desired posts, you may want to try your hands on monetizing your blog. Amateur bloggers can also earn money provided they utilize their time smartly. Few methods can be used by amateur bloggers to kick off their earning:

1. Google AdSense- It is perhaps one of the best tools available to earn money from your blog, it is a free service and you can sign up with AdSense account to start getting ads. You do not have to worry about the type or nature of ads, Goggle software will recognize it post the relevant ads only. You will get paid every time a user click on those ads and when your account has $100, Google will transfer your earned money to you.

2. Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate programs can be used as an effective tool to earn money if your blog has reasonable amount of traffic. You earn money as commissions when you refer a product or service of a company. Almost each affiliate program is free to join; there are numerous companies that offer their products for these. Refer their products on your blog or help them selling their services to your growing audience. You can even build separate pages regarding the products to specialize, and link them back to your blog.

3. Selling your e-goods- Now, if have tons of knowledge about some topic, you can use this as a tool to make money. Write an e-book of that particular topic or which matches with the genre of your blog. And then put that up for sale, on your blog itself. You can even offer few samples of it for free, to get an idea if readers like them or not. It can build up your network as well. Sell your creation and make money.

4. Earn from the space on your blog – After you manage to attract few hundred visitors, you can sell the space on the blog for displaying ads of different companies. This service is totally different from AdSense; you will have to fix certain amount for every ad by yourself. You will have to check with the standard prices available before setting.

Google AdSense can be little difficult as new to this field, they have numerous others regulations which you got to fulfill. Don’t be disheartened if you are not able to get Google ads, there are numerous other programs in the market. Courteous to them getting ads is not that difficult, and the myth that only professional bloggers can earn money no longer exists.

This guest article is written by Alia Haley. Alia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and autos. Beside this she is fond of gadgets and games. Recently an article on 3D Games attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on best mobile phone.

Colleges to get Aakash tablet on rent soon

This should be good news for the students who missed the online booking of Aakash tablet. The world's cheapest tablet may now be available on rent in college libraries.

The Aakash tablet on rent will be preloaded with subject-wise video lectures in various fields like engineering, science and humanities.

Reportedly the government wants Aakash to reach all 220 million school and college students. Hence this step renting of tab will in a way help government to reach its target.

The duration of rental will be decided by the respective colleges.

Google going to Incorporate Google+ information in search

Google announced Tuesday that it was making some radical changes to search by incorporating Google+ information into its search results reported by Washington Post.

The move has drawn some criticism from Twitter. Twitter and Google used to have an agreement to use Twitter information for real-time search and news results, but that contract is expired. Tuesday, Twitter’s general counsel, Alex Macgillivray, said on his Twitter account that it was a “bad day for the Internet” saying that search has been “warped.”

In a statement, Twitter backed up the sentiments of its top lawyer.

“For years, people have relied on Google to deliver the most relevant results anytime they wanted to find something on the Internet,” the company’s public relations team said in an e-mailed statement. “As we’ve seen time and time again, news breaks first on Twitter; as a result, Twitter accounts and Tweets are often the most relevant results. We’re concerned that as a result of Google’s changes, finding this information will be much harder for everyone. We think that’s bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users.”

Over at the technology blog Searchblog, John Batelle said Google’s decision to include Google+ information without working out deals with companies such as Twitter or Facebook shows how competition between the companies has hurt the neutral Web.

“It’s not Google’s fault, entirely, but it’s sad nonetheless,” Batelle wrote.

In response to those criticisms, Google said it doesn’t have access to all of the social networking sites, but would be “open” to partnering with other services to provide personalized results, as long as it could have some control over those results.

“As always, our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and comprehensive search results possible,” said Google in an e-mailed company statement. “However, Google does not have access to crawl all the information on some sites, so it’s not possible for us to surface all that content. Google also doesn’t have access to the social graph information from some sites, so it’s not possible to help you find information from those people you’re connected to. We’d certainly be open to helping people more easily find information from other services, but we’d want to make sure we were providing a consistent user experiences with meaningful control.”

Intel enters smart phone market

Intel Corp on Tuesday announced plans to team up with Motorola Mobility Inc and Lenovo to make the first smart phones running on Intel chips.

Lenovo will use a 1.6GHz Atom z2640 chip on a phone to debut in China in the second quarter, Intel chief executive Paul Otellini said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Motorola has also entered into a multi-year, multi-product agreement with Intel, Otellini said.

"The best of Intel computing is coming to smartphones," the Intel chief said. "Our efforts with Lenovo and Motorola Mobility will help to establish Intel processors in smartphones and provide a solid foundation from which to build in 2012 and into the future."

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus available in India


Samsung has quietly added a new tablet "Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus" to its tablet range in India.

Running Android Honeycomb OS, the tablet has an internal memory of 16GB, which can be expandable up to 32GB using a microSD card. The device is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and has 1GB RAM with built-in 4,000mAh battery.

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 offers both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. It is having 3 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash that can record 720p HD videos. It has a 2 megapixel front camera.

Other features include Adobe Flash support, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Digital Compass, Proximity and others.

The device is available on Flipkart at a price of Rs 26,499.

How to Connect Your Computer to the Internet Using Mobile Broadband

The broadband internet market is growing significantly every day, due to the fact that a lot of people are starting to see how important fast access to the internet is. However, this also means a lot more problems for internet users – it resulted in a lot of competition within ISPs and as a result only the ISPs with a big marketing budget survive, and when these ISPs grow too big they start charging there users exorbitantly while at the same time putting less effort into improving their network for computer users. The great thing about this, though, is that the mobile broadband market is growing every day, especially in developed countries, and a lot of ISPs even give their mobile internet users unlimited internet access. This presents great opportunities for internet users who are "smart", and in this article I will be sharing some of the top ways to connect your computer to the internet by piggybacking on your mobile internet access.

Mobile Wireless Sharing

With the kind of development going on in the mobile space today we keep on experiencing a lot of new mobile developments. The rate at which cool smartphones are released is stunning, and the number of these smartphones that goes into circulation every day is great. In fact, there is every probability you already own a smartphone if you are reading this, and the great thing is that you can use the smartphone to your advantage when trying to connect your computer to the internet.

Most smartphones provide you with the ability to share your internet connection with other devices wirelessly, and if you have a laptop computer or any other device with support for Wi-Fi you can easily share your internet with it.

Sharing your mobile internet connection wirelessly isn’t that specific, though, and there is no one guide for doing that – you can refer to the manual that came with your smartphone or to the website of your manufacturer for more info on how to do this.

Mobile Phone Tethering

Another way you can connect your computer to the internet using your mobile broadband internet connection is by using your mobile phone. All you need to do is install the default software that came with your mobile phone (also known as PC suite) – once the software is installed you can then connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB or Bluetooth.

With this technique, you might need to do a little research in order to get important details from your ISP such as, their APN (access point name), their username and password and their dial-up number. These settings is entirely different for every ISP, but one way I have found the right settings for every ISP I have used is by using Google to research my ISP details.

Using a Mobile Broadband Modem

The final option is to use a mobile broadband modem. This option isn’t that difficult at all – you only need to buy a 3G or 3.5G broadband modem (depending on your ISP), and then insert your SIM card into your modem. You should then install the modem in your computer, configure it with your ISP details (you can get this by following the process in step 2 above) and then connect and start enjoying access to the internet.

This guest article is written by Paul who believes mobile broadband is the future of the internet – he is always learning new ways to get the best from mobile internet, and he also helps people choose the right mobile broadband plans.

PRICE WAR: Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 at Rs 14,000 now

It seems like 2012 will end up as the year of the tablet PC consumer as the action is just hotting up and hopefully by the time the year ends there'd more consumers with tablet PCs than mobile phones in India.

Price cut is definitely an effective weapon for the tablet makers in India battling a stiff competition from the low-cost devices. Research in Motion kicked off the 2012 with a bang by slashing the price of its PlayBook tablet by 50 per cent.

Motorola soon followed with a price cut for its Xoom tablet. Now Samsung has also joined the race, slashing the price of its Galaxy Tab (7-inch, Wi-Fi variant) by Rs 6,000.

If you had been waiting to own a Samsung Galaxy Tab at a bargain, the Indiaplaza deal is definitely a good one. However, keep in mind, it's not the 8.9 or the 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab

Vodafone users, beware: Calls may swell up bill

If you are a Vodafone subscriber and are getting some call on your phone flashing numbers starting with +224, +92 or +23, its better not to attend the call. For, attending these calls or calling back these numbers could allegedly end up swelling up your bill. Tamil Nadu Vodafone subscribers are said to have been receiving calls from such anonymous numbers which seems to either inflate the bill of post-paid subscribers significantly or wipe out the balance of pre-paid customers. According to Vodafone, such problem was also witnessed in UP also some time back. “This is something which has been happening with all the operators from last six to eight months,” claimed an official from Vodafone.

Taking note of the problem, Vodafone has issued an alert to its customers to ignore such calls. “We would like to inform all our customers in Tamil Nadu that this issue has been brought to our notice and we are currently investigating the same. At the same time we would like to urge our customers to kindly ignore such calls and not call back on those numbers,” Vodafone has said in a statement. In the wake of such calls, the company has urged its customers to alert the customer care and report the number to them.

However, assuring safety to its customers, the company said, “Vodafone takes safety and security very seriously and we have invested considerable resources to continually evolve our system and improve security.”

Earlier, Airtel had issued a general advisory to caution its telecom customers who are being arbitrarily targeted by calls fraudulently claiming the recipient customer as being a prize/lottery winner. “In these types of phone frauds, the customer returns a missed call to a +92 or +375 country code and inadvertently reaches a fraudster pretending to be representative of Airtel or another Indian mobile operator and informs the customer of having won some lottery or prize money. The fraudster then attempts to trick the customer into divulging sensitive personal information and to pay a commission to receive the winnings. Such commission is usually asked to be paid via an international DTH operator’s recharge vouchers,” it had said. It had said such malicious activities may result in substantial increase in customers phone bill. The company had said advised its customers not to respond to any unexpected calls from a number with the +92 or +375 country code.

“Do not get lured into any financial transactions or divulge any personal information like IMEI, bank account number and other information to callers offering prize money or lottery winnings. Also do not respond to any instructions to dial an international number to get the prize money,” the company had advised.

Yahoo Taps PayPal's Scott Thompson as CEO

Yahoo Inc. named a new chief executive who is tasked with turning around its core online-advertising business, but some of the biggest questions surrounding the struggling Internet company's future remain unanswered.

Yahoo hired CEO Scott Thompson, the 54-year-old president of eBay Inc.'s PayPal electronic-payments unit, signaling Wednesday that it is determined to attract technology executives and computer programmers to revive the onetime Web powerhouse, whose star has faded amid increased competition for ad dollars from rivals Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.

The move also indicates that Yahoo's board is unlikely to sell the company. Chairman Roy Bostock said Wednesday that Yahoo would almost certainly remain publicly traded.

Influence of Twitter and Facebook on Search Engine Results?

For longtime it has been doubted by SEO community, whether links shared on Facebook and Twitter affect SEO ranking on popular search engines like Google and Bing.Recently, these search engine giants have confirmed that SEO ranking and traffic depends upon the shared links and likes on Facebook and Twitter. Tricks of the trade change with time, now websites can be promoted through Facebook and Twitter along with the regular SEO technique.

It gives web marketers and social media optimizers to move forward by sharing in Facebook and tweeting in Twitter.However, it is not a straight forward way, it does not mean a website with more shares and links on Facebook can get positioned in top of search engine results. The actual fact is along with the regular SEO promotion it aids to improve the search engine ranking and boost traffic to website.

Does Google calculate tweeting and sharing in a meaningful way? Who shares and tweets your content is more important than the number of people sharing or retweeting the content. Not to mention, a popular profile can easily help to market any website without difficulty.

'Spam Capital' - India arrests six in Phishing

Police in India say they have arrested six foreign nationals suspected of defrauding hundreds of people using text message and email scams.

Scam victims were duped after being told they had won a lottery.

Authorities seized 14 laptops, seven memory sticks and 23 mobile phones, as well as fake documents and cash.

The arrests come after security firm Kaspersky reported that India now sent more spam than any other country in the world.

Police said the six men, all Nigerian, would be remanded in custody until 12 January.

The arrests signal attempts to crack down on a growing cybercrime problem in the region.

Mumbai-based internet security specialist Vijay Mukhi said poor enforcement of laws meant spammers could act with impunity.

"We have an Information Technology Act that was introduced in 2000. But we don't have any convictions under it and it's silent on spam," he said.

"If I'm a spammer, I would rather spam from India to India and the rest of world because nothing will happen to me."

In its report, Kaspersky said 14.8% of all spam email sent in the three months prior to the end of September had originated in India, BBC reported.

RIM extends PlayBook festive offer by a week

Within days of slashing prices of its PlayBook tablet Pc by almost half, Blackberry-maker RIM has said the device is sold out in retail outlets across the country, which har prompted it to extend the festive offer by a week.

"We are pleased to see the exvitement and overwhelming reponse to our limited festive offer on BlackBerry PlayBook. I belive that the 16GB and 32GB version of the PlayBook is completely sold out in the retail channels", Research In Motion Managing Director India Sunil Dutt said.

Bouyed by the huge response, the company has now decided to extend the offer by a week, he said.

The company sold more that 1200 devices in just four days since the offer was announced on December 28 and distributors - Redington and Ingram - are waiting for new stock to come in.

We have sold over 12,000 PlayBooks across the country within these four days of the offer period, which ended on December 31, 2011," the distributors said.

Fresh stock is coming in to cater to the demand of customers for the extended offer period of one more week, they added.

Aakash tablets: 14 lakh booked in 14 days

The new year may be a year of low-cost computing in India. Sales booking for the world's cheapest tablet, Aakash, have soared to 14 lakh units just two weeks after it was put up for sales online for Rs2500 a piece.

To cater to the unexpected demand, UK based vendor Datawind, the maker of the $35 tablet, had decided to establish three new factories in Cochin, Noida and Hyderabad in the first half of 2012 to assemble the tablet. Datawind currently has only one factory in Hyderabad with its vendor Quad, which makes the LCD panel for the tablet.

"Around two weeks ago, we received a call from India's computer emergency response team that our website was probably suffering from a large cyber attack. We had to inform them we had just opened sale through our website," Tuli said. Datawind, which put out a limited 30,000 tablets for sale online with e-commerce provider, has already exhausted the first lot.

A spokesman for, said that the website is catering to orders across India, with delivery in 5-7 working days. Ncarry is a subsidiary of Netherlands-based Nimbuzz, which makes instant messaging applications. The Nimbuzz IM comes pre-installed on Aakash.

Pre-sales bookings for the Aakash tablet (about 400,000 in October) had surpassed the Indian tablet market which grossed about 250,000-300,000 tablets till last year.

Even with a resistive touch and slow processor, Aakash has received about 1 lakh orders a day since online launch last month. In comparison, Apple sold about 10 lakh iPads in 28 days and 30 lakh in 80 days of its launch in April 2010. Currently, the cheapest model of iPad at Rs 29,500, is about 12 times costlier than Aakash.

Datawind plans to put on sale online the next version of Aakash - Ubislate 7, priced at Rs 2999, by mid-January. The newer version will come with a slot for insertion of a SIM card, for access of internet by GPRS or 2G connection. The current version of the tablet can access internet via Wi-Fi access.

Besides, the newer version will be twice as fast with a 700 Mhz processor compared to a 366 Mhz processor in the current tablet. In another development, the government has extended the letter of credit to Datawind to supply the next lot of 90,000 tablets, even though IIT Rajasthan is yet to provide the test specifications for the next version, which it wants to procure for supply to students. The delay from the government's end is likely to land Aakash in the hands of commercial buyers before students for whom the low-cost tablet was meant for in the first place.

Facebook blamed for one third divorces in 2011

Facebook is known to serve as a social media platform to keep people connected. Internet users spend a lot of time over this social network and some may indulge in flirting as well. Times of India reports that Facebook have become a source of evidence in divorce cases. Social networks bring the world closer, which also makes it easy to get in touch with old college flames and ex-partners. Mark keenan of Divorce says, "If someone wants to have an affair or flirt with the opposite sex then it's the easiest place to do it. People need to be careful what they put on Facebook as the courts are now seeing a lot more evidence being introduced from people's walls and posts in disputes over finances and children."

Twitter crashes after 16,000 New Year Tweets per second

Social Networking site Twitter was out of action for over an hour in Britain after it was overloaded wit New Year messages.

Site crashed around 3pm Saturday. According to Daily Mail it happened due to record 16,197 tweets per second worldwide.

The overload meant no one could post new messages or read existing ones. Instead, frustrated users were greeted with the error messages: "Twitter is over capacity".

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